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Stuff – It’s a Killer!!

Leave it in the shop where it is!! If you can’t wear it! eat it! or experience it!! ask yourself if you need it!!!

This was the advice I read recently in a book about the psychological weight of material goods! Fascinating!

Consider the advantages of leaving ‘stuff’ in the store:

1. Saves money!
2. Wont have to dust it!!
3. Won’t have to move it!
4. Won’t have to be concerned that the person who made it was a child tied to a machine in the third world!
5. Won’t find yourself overwhelmed and passive due to excess of stuff around you! 6. Will feel lighter!!
7. Won’t be visually overstimulated and unable to relax in your own home!
8. Won’t burden your kids with things they don’t want to inherit!
9. Won’t need a bigger house!
10. Won’t have to keep things in good repair!!

Just some food for thought! If you need the reference of a personal organizer to help you get rid of your stuff, let me know.

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Brianna Hendrickson

Brianna is the Listing Manager for our sellers. She is responsible for all of our seller files and coordination of work for our seller clients. The personal attention she gives to our seller clients is amazing! Each client's file is shepherded through the process of home preparation, marketing, negotiating, and closing with attention to detail at the highest level possible. She can be reached via email at Brianna@movingtominnesota.com or via text/cell at 651-295-9544


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