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Nine things to consider when choosing your new neighborhood

Every single buyer is different so therefore what each person finds most important while searching for their new neighborhood is different, however, after years of working with buyers and sellers we have put together the list of the 9 most important things to take into consideration when choosing your new neighborhood:

  1. Schools. If you have children, this can be a huge factor in deciding whether or not a neighborhood is right for you. Be sure to do your research.
  2. Local businesses/shops. Are the local stores and businesses busy and well maintained or run down and/or vacant? The level of business and upkeep at stores in your potential neighborhood can be a good indicator as to whether or not a neighborhood is thriving or suffering.
  3. Convenience. To some people, having stores nearby is considered a convenience while others consider the proximity to a freeway a convenience. Determine what you find most desirable and look into how convenient these items are in your potential neighborhood.
  4. Public transportation. If public transportation is important to you, be sure to look into this. Find out where the nearest bus stop is, how often the buses stop, how much it will cost you to ride the bus from here, etc. If you rely on public transportation, the answers to these questions can have a huge impact on your choice.
  5. Rural or suburban or city? What is most important to you…green space? Bustling nightlife? Walkability? Know what you prefer when you start your home search and make sure that the neighborhoods you are considering fit that preference.
  6. Crime statistics. Do your research before you write an offer. Call the local police department, ask local business owners, question potential neighbors and search the internet to find out if you need to be concerned about any overly high crime rates. Don’t go into this blind!
  7. Taxes. Be sure to check into the tax rate history, find out if there are any assessments or planned improvements, and know what the current tax rates are for each specific area you are considering.
  8. The future. Whether you are going to stay in this neighborhood for 1 year or for the next 30, its important to know if there are any major future developments in the plans as these can affect the sale of your house in the future.
  9. Your gut. Spend some time in your desired neighborhood. Walk around, socialize, check out the local shops, neighbors and parks. This is the time to be judgmental! If your gut is telling you that something seems off, listen to that feeling and do your research before buying that home.


The neighborhood you choose to live in is just as important as the house you choose so do your due diligence and make sure to check out these 9 things before you make your final decision. Good luck!

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Brianna Hendrickson

Brianna is the Listing Manager for our sellers. She is responsible for all of our seller files and coordination of work for our seller clients. The personal attention she gives to our seller clients is amazing! Each client's file is shepherded through the process of home preparation, marketing, negotiating, and closing with attention to detail at the highest level possible. She can be reached via email at Brianna@movingtominnesota.com or via text/cell at 651-295-9544


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