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Is Everyone a Candidate for Home Ownership?

Apparently not, according to theatlanticcities.com online magazine!! Richard Florida (of Rise of the Creative Class fame) argues that in many western economies there is actually an inverse relationship between homeownership and GDP per capita (productivity that is). Interesting other facts, such as: homeownership is highest in the least urbanized nations and lowest in the most urbanized nations; or, averaged over a century, the economist Schiller, at Yale, says that the real rate of return on home ownership is 0; or, the rate of homeownership declines as nations get wealthier.; make for an interesting read!

Here is my two cents! A home is a place where many people express their creativity, expend discretionary income, and create a stable and safe place in their daily life. That is a perfect thing to do! Other folks are just hanging their hat in a structure. They know nothing about how to care for and maintain a place; don’t have time to keep it clean; and realize that it is a burden in their career life due to the inflexibility of not only care needs, but of the hassle of selling when they want to relocate. Many of us will find ourselves in one group or another at different times in our lives. The answer is this: know yourself. Don’t buy a house impulsively. Think about what is important to you and you will be happier with the outcome!

Whether we should be at 50% or 70% homeownership rates is perhaps a big should. I want to talk to those who are going to be happy as owners of homes be they condos or single family dwellings! Happy clients are a result of good decisions is my belief!!

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Brianna Hendrickson

Brianna is the Listing Manager for our sellers. She is responsible for all of our seller files and coordination of work for our seller clients. The personal attention she gives to our seller clients is amazing! Each client's file is shepherded through the process of home preparation, marketing, negotiating, and closing with attention to detail at the highest level possible. She can be reached via email at Brianna@movingtominnesota.com or via text/cell at 651-295-9544


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