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Home Staging

To stage or not to stage!
Do you have to? No. Should you? Yes. If you want more money, you absolutely should. What is it? It is a process via which a homeowner has their property prepared for professional photography. In simple terms, it is trying to make your house look like a picture out of a picture book through decorating!

Below you will see some examples of homes before staging and after staging…the difference is amazing! A home that is unkempt or not visually appealing will give potential buyers a negative opinion of your house within seconds of stepping in the front door. Clutter, disrepair and disorder will make a buyer think that the house itself is not in good shape and has not been well maintained. That is not the idea we want to present to buyers! Staging provides a wonderful first impression, whether someone is viewing it online or in person. Nowadays, a lot of home buyers begin their search online and when we can present your home in a visually appealing way with professional photographs and beautifully staged rooms, we can increase the number of showings, the amount of interest and the possibility of getting a sale, and usually at a higher price than your neighbors house down the block that looks unappealing and less memorable.

Why should you bother? Several reasons:
1. The recession tightened accessible money to the point that buyers cannot access funds to do home improvements. Since they can’t get money, they choose a house where somebody has already done the work.
2. Buyers have access to lots of pictures of the available inventory of homes. They choose the ones that look beautiful over the ones that look dated.
3. Beauty creates desire. People pay more for houses when their emotions are involved.
4. Think staging is too expensive? Its not nearly as expensive as your first price reduction! We cannot allow buyers interest in your house to go stagnant so if we do not have appropriate amounts of buyers walking through your house (showings) or an offer after a week or two, our next step is a price reduction. While we cannot guarantee you won’t have to drop the price even if you do stage your home, we can tell you from past experience that homes that are staged do see more traffic in the first couple weeks on the market, which is the MOST important time in the listing process.
5. You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. This is it, like we said before, the first couple weeks you are on the market are THE time to present your house in the best possible way. If we cannot do that from the get-go, doing it later is just costing you time and money.


Bathroom 1 AFTER

Family Room

Family Room 1 AFTER


Kitchen 1 BEFORE
Kitchen 1 AFTER


Kitchen 2 BEFORE
Kitchen 2 AFTER

Living Room

Living Room 1 BEFORE
Living Room 1 AFTER

Living Room

Living Room 2 AFTER

Living Room

Living Room 3 AFTER

Living Room

Living Room 4 BEFORE
Living Room 4 AFTER

Staging services and photos provided by:
Sharon and Dan Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell
Dan Mitchell

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